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You’re worn out from constantly thinking about food and having to muscle through with willpower to resist it.

What if fixing your relationship with food and your body didn’t have to require more self-discipline?

Have you ever:

  • Negotiated with yourself about a food choice and thought, ‘I shouldn’t eat that piece of pie, but I want it. Heck! I deserve it after a long, hard day?’
  • Said ‘screw it’ and ate because, ‘who cares?’ Deep down you actually do care but in the moment you don’t because you hope it will make you feel better. However, after eating out of alignment with your goals, you realize you don’t actually feel any better and it didn’t solve anything after all?
  • Told yourself you’ve failed again! You set a goal you committed to sticking to but then found yourself in the pantry and ended up eating 7 different snacks within a matter of 10 minutes. You beat yourself up for it and think, ‘If I could just have self-control, I could conquer this food thing?’

Once you give into a craving, you might feel a lot of guilt or shame, or have a ton of internal dialogue to gear up and get back on track. Since that doesn’t seem to happen, you loose self-trust and hope tomorrow will be the day you’re actually able to stick with the goals you’ve set.

It’s an exhausting cycle but I’m glad you haven’t given up hope!

There is another option that will help you get clear on WHY you turn to food even when you aren’t hungry.

You really want to eat for nourishment and to reach your health and weight goals, but your strong desire hasn’t been enough to get you there yet. That’s because we need to figure out WHY you eat out of alignment with your goals. We’re often turning to food for physiological or emotional safety so it’s important to identify what’s leading to feeling out of control and ungrounded.

The result?

You won’t need to resist food any longer, relying on willpower will be a thing of the past, and you’ll naturally be able to eat in alignment with your goals. You might be skeptical this can happen (which I totally understand!) but this live version of “Behind Your Cravings” will get you on a path to end your self-sabotage.

What You’ll Learn:

During this 11-week program, we use clarity as a tool. When we’re feeling out of control around food, life or our bodies, it’s a symptom we’re living out of alignment with our values and vision for our lives.

The goal is to get to a place where you are no longer tempted by food. To start you on the path to get there, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Lesson 1: Understand your resistance to showing up. This is the reason you haven’t been able to follow through with programs in the past
  • Lesson 2: Clearly identify your goal, what’s helping you work towards it and how you’re keeping yourself stuck
  • Lesson 3: Identify your emotional triggers that cause you to obsess about food or have destructive eating patterns
  • Lesson 4: Understand and identify your current patterns of handling stress, leading to food being worth it in the moment but not afterward and why parts of life are more overwhelming than necessary
  • Lesson 5: Uncover the risks that make you turn to food to feel safe
  • Lesson 6: How to be with your emotions and to find this discomfort empowering instead of overeating or over stressing
  • Lesson 7: Master tools to soothe discomfort and reduce the pull to food
  • BONUS: Determine the type of meal that works best for your body to calm cravings and boost energy (Access is available upon registration)

The Ins & Outs:

  • All lessons are pre-recorded and will be accompanied by worksheets/homework to apply the materials to your life
  • One, 3-hour live group kick off session: We’ll complete an exercise together to help you get really clear on your goal and where the disconnect currently is between having the desire to reach the goal, and not following through with it so we can break the pattern.
  • 7, 75-minute open group Q&A calls: These sessions will include live teaching, discussion and Q&A to get your questions answered, and to learn from others. The live group format often offers an environment for exponential growth and progress.
  • A 24/7 online community/classroom for support and connection between calls
  • 2 integration weeks are built into the curriculum to integrate what you’re learning along the way
  • $500 credit towards private coaching: Behind Your Cravings Live is designed as a strong warm up to exponential progress in private coaching of Truce with Food. It’s a low risk way of getting a taste of the Truce with Food process since part of what you pay for Behind Your Cravings Live is credited towards your private coaching investment. (Continuing into private coaching is not required after completing this course)

Cost: $1,350 (payment plan also available, 3 payments of $500 each)

These materials, tools, and resources are similar to the ones I would offer in one-on-one coaching over the course of many months. Instead of costing you over $2,100, you’ll have the benefit of receiving support from me, as well as a community of like-minded people working through similar things as you for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you’ll still get personalized support during the group Q&A calls since there will be time for each person to get their questions answered.


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