How to Finally Get Consistent with Healthy Eating

04oct5:30 pm6:45 pmHow to Finally Get Consistent with Healthy EatingLack of willpower isn't the reason you self-sabotage

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How often do you kick off your day on track and feel hopeful you’ll be able to see it through until you go to bed? You eat a wholesome breakfast, keep it nourishing at lunchtime, but then the wheels start wobbling in the afternoon or evening. It’s like a slippery slope, and before you know it you are headfirst in a 5-pound bag of M&Ms and can’t seem to stop yourself. If only you had more willpower or discipline, right?

There’s a common misconception that the more effort you put in, the more results you’ll get. But relief actually comes from getting to the bottom of why you lose your willpower in the first place.

You already have some fantastic habits helping you work towards your goals. You start many days with the best intentions and even manage to string together a couple of “good” days. You’ve probably had success with a particular way of eating for a while. You know you can maintain your discipline for a certain period, but why are you able to keep it going for a while, but not for the long-term?

There is a way to get freedom from this infuriating rollercoaster once and for all!

In this signature workshop, you’ll uncover the main reason behind your self-sabotage and identify what’s taking you off track so you can finally break the cycle!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The lowdown on what’s really going on when you stress eat, binge eat, mindlessly eat, or are generally eating out of alignment with your goals
  • Why food feels worth it in the moment, only to leave you feeling regretful later
  • Why lack of willpower isn’t the reason you’re not able to stay on track with your healthy habits
  • The connection between seeking food and lacking a sense of safety
  • What exactly leads YOU to self-sabotage

If you can’t make it to the live workshop, a recording will be provided so you won’t miss out.

Interested in more like this?

This workshop is one of three in a series to help get to the bottom of how your “out of control” eating and self-sabotage are protective and not because of lacking willpower. Each workshop builds on the other as we identify different layers to what drives your ‘makes no sense’ eating. Specifically, here is an overview of each workshop:

  1. Uncover the Hidden Drivers of Self-Sabotage (September 27th, 12:00-1:15 PM CT)
  2. How to finally get consistent with healthy eating (October 4th, 5:30-6:45 PM CT)
  3. Reclaim Your Willpower: 3 Sneaky Protection Strategies that Drive Self-Sabotage (October 11th, 12:00-1:15 PM CT)

You can participate in one, or all three. If you’re interested in the full series, you can register here where you’ll save $20 (total cost $85) and will receive a special bonus.


1. What will I get out of the workshop?

You may be hyper aware of what you’re eating when you’re eating. But, have you ever thought about what could be happening unconsciously? This workshop will bring awareness and clarity to the unconscious cycle that typically drives our unaligned eating and takes us off track. It’s the reason we often have good intentions of wanting to make the healthy choice, but then we say ‘screw it’ and binge even when we aren’t really hungry.

You’ll be guided through in an activity that connects triggers with your self-sabotage, mindless eating, or stress eating, which should reduce any guilt or shame you feel around your eating. Plus, we’ll equip you with a handy tool you can use the next time you’re tempted to “go off track” or eat out of alignment with your goals.

2. Will I walk away with action steps I can take to start implementing real change around my eating?

Absolutely! You’ll receive homework you can use in your real life moving forward. The worksheet will help you connect your eating with your mental food gymnastics and what you’re feeling/how you’re trying to protect yourself with food. It will also help you further identify the triggers that push you off track based on what we cover during the workshop.

3. Do I need to buy anything, or sign up for another program during the workshop?

While I will share details about the next workshop and private one-on-one coaching, there is no pressure to buy anything else. I’m not one to push my programs because I want to ensure they’re the right fit for your at the right time. If it doesn’t feel right to get ongoing support, I respect that! But if you’re craving more support, I want to make sure you know what options are available to you.

4. I’ve done so many programs and/or worked with a health coach before. How will this be different?

Many programs address what you’re eating and incorporating ways to resist food or avoid trigger foods. What those programs often miss is the real reason you’re eating when you’re not hungry or are stressed. Calling a friend, taking a bath or going for a walk may help in the moment, but it likely won’t be sustainable since it isn’t addressing why you’re turning to food in the first place.

By getting to the bottom of the real reason why you turn to food, you won’t feel as triggered, which means you won’t need to eat to feel satisfied or fulfilled.

5. I’m not comfortable being on camera or talking about my challenges with my relationship with food. Can I still show up? 

Absolutely! Come as you are and do what you feel most comfortable with. If you want to be in your PJs and un-showered, we’d love to have you. 🙂 There is no pressure to show your face or to share what’s coming up for you.

It can be helpful though for people to share what they’re uncovering as it can spark ideas for others and helps so we don’t feel so alone in our own journey. There is power in connection and community! And, we meet you where you are.



(Wednesday) 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm CST



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