Real Talk for Real Women: Career Satisfaction and Relationship with Food

01nov6:30 pm8:30 pmReal Talk for Real Women: Career Satisfaction and Relationship with Food

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As a multifaceted woman, you’ve got a lot on your mind, and unfortunately, not always enough time to think through it all. That’s why these two experts are teaming up to provide you the space to learn, brainstorm and drive change in two areas of life that women struggle with most: career satisfaction and your relationship with food!

Please join:

Laura Folkes, Certified Holistic Health Coach &

Liz Traines, Career & Lifestyle Coach

For an evening focused on YOU

Real Talk for Real Women: Your Career Satisfaction & Relationship with Food

Laura and Liz will be supporting you to answer these pressing questions:

  • I’m looking to find my purpose and make a positive impact on the world, but how can I do that, AND make money?
  • When is it time to move to a new career, job or industry?
  • How can I find more balance between work and life?
  • Why can’t I stick with the foods I know I should be eating, despite having all of the information?
  • Why do I hit a 3:00 slump and crave sugar?
  • What’s with my nighttime eating?

Laura and Liz will kick off the evening with two short presentations and then facilitate open discussion, Q&A and brainstorming steps for you to take action. You can expect to connect with other strong, like-minded women, enjoy light bites & drinks, and participate in true REAL TALK.

Please arrive promptly as the event will begin at 6:30 (the doors will open at 6:15 if you’d like to arrive early).

Cost: $20

More to Come:

This is the third in a 6-month series of workshops where you’ll explore your relationship with food and how it’s affected by different areas of your life. When we aren’t happy in our jobs, are intimidated by going to the gym, feel like we don’t have any cute outfit options in our closet or are overwhelmed by the thought of cooking, all of these can have an impact on our food choices.

You can attend one or all six workshops based on where you need added support. The other workshops in the series include:

  • December 5th: Stay on track Through the Holidays with guest speaker and Personal Chef, Sarah Eden from Improve Through Food. If you typically throw your healthy eating habits out the window due to limited time and all of the social gatherings in December, this workshop is for you. Sarah will provide tips on how you can prepare meals with limited ingredients when time is tight. Laura will help you find the middle ground during this busy time of year so you don’t need to start over on January 1st.
  • January 23rd: Bring Joy Back to Your Workouts and Healthy Eating with guest speaker Personal Trainer, Christine O’Hagan from Spindle Fitness. Do you find yourself resisting working out and eating healthier? Maybe you feel like you lack motivation and willpower, or find it overwhelming to just get started. During this workshop Laura and Christine will talk about how there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise or eating. Instead, it’s about finding a tailored approach that will work best for you and your body without feeling deprived and is actually enjoyable.
  • February Date TBD: Freedom in Your Closet & Kitchen with guest speaker and Personal Stylist, Alyssa Peterson from Cashmere and Wit. Cut through the overwhelm with finding an outfit that makes you feel good in your body while discovering how what you wear can also have an impact on your food choices.

About Guest Speaker Liz Traines, Career & Lifestyle Coach:

Liz is the CEO and Founder of career and lifestyle coaching business, Liz Traines Coaching. Through one-on-one coaching and group workshops, Liz empowers women who are feeling stuck in their careers or businesses to gain clarity, identify where they’re living out of alignment, and build the confidence to go for their dreams!

Liz spent the first eight years of her career in corporate finance, and while she quickly moved up the corporate ladder and held a variety of challenging positions, she realized the ’burnout culture’ lifestyle she was living was not sustainable, not to mention, it was actually pretty miserable! She spent years exploring what she would do if she left finance, and through this process, she started to uncover her true purpose and passions. Liz chose to leave the organization in 2015 to pursue her passion of helping women define their own authentic versions of success, and empowering them to live it, everyday. She uses her own stories, experiences and certified coaching techniques to help her clients experience more joy and success (and stress less).


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