Why I Eat When I'm Not Hungry

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How many times do you eat when you aren’t even hungry? Do you ever feel hungry but logically know it isn’t possible (aka phantom hunger)? Or, you’re in automatic pilot and don’t even check in to see if you’re hungry or not.

There have likely been times where you didn’t think about food and then other times you just couldn’t resist it. The food didn’t change, so what did?

How we eat is a symptom when we’re feeling emotionally or physiologically at risk in some way. In order to end self-sabotage and experience sustainable change with your relationship with food, we need to understand why you eat when you aren’t hungry. You might have some ideas like when you’re sad, bored or angry but there’s likely more to it.

During the 5-day deep dive, we’re going to get to the bottom of why you know what to do but you’re not consistently doing it. It’s judgment-free and fun! You’ll receive support from me and a community of others on a similar path to yours.

Here’s how the guided exploration is structured:

  • Day 1: Understand your triggers and what leads to eating out of alignment with your goals
  • Day 2: Identify which triggers led you to eat that day
  • Day 3: Connect your triggers with your eating and create space to reduce your cravings
  • Day 4: Reduce the pull to food by identifying what you truly want/need
  • Day 5: Celebrate what you’ve uncovered and what has shifted

Ins and Outs:

  • You’ll have access to a judgment-free, safe space in a private community for connection and conversation
  • Daily emails will be sent with the lesson for that day
  • A Q&A call will be held on Wednesday to answer all your questions, discuss what you’re uncovering and to chat through anywhere you’re feeling stuck
  • Cost: FREE!


september 19 (Monday) - 23 (Friday) CST



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