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Interview: Simply Smita, an Organic Skincare Line

I’m passionate about promoting and supporting fellow empowering women who are small business owners, especially when I believe in the brand and their mission. After searching for about 3 years for more natural skincare products, I discovered Simply Smita and absolutely love the line!

Recently, I got the chance to sit down and interview Smita so you can learn about what makes her brand and products different. She has an interesting journey to share from starting out as a speech pathologist to owning her own natural skincare company and what inspired her to start it. We cover A LOT in this interview so most likely you’ll learn something new.

“My whole motto is, if you’re not going to eat a spoon of it, why would you feed it to your skin?”

Smita Kishore

Below is an overview of what we cover and when in the video:

  • What inspired her to start the brand (0:36)
  • Why switching to a natural deodorant is beneficial for your health (1:58)
  • The mission of Simply Smita and what sets the brand apart (2:48)
  • Why you can eat a spoonful of her moisturizer (3:27)
  • One ingredient they don’t use in their products and why (3:46)
  • How long the products last (4:00)
  • The range of products they offer (4:20)
  • Information on new scrubs they just launched, what it’s made of and the benefits (4:38)
  • New products on the horizon (5:02)
  • What makes Simply Smita different (5:32)
  • Tips for breaking through the overwhelm of shopping for natural skincare products and what to look for (7:17)
  • Advice for incorporating more natural products into your life (7:30)
  • What to do if you’re unsure if a product is clean and natural (9:24)

You can watch the interview or read our conversation using the transcript below. If you have been thinking about incorporating more natural products into your routine, this interview is the perfect place to start. I know I learned a lot!

As a bonus for my readers, Smita has generously offered you 15% off of your purchase at when you use the code HEALTHWITHLAURA. I have tried quite a few of the products and love them all! My ultimate favorites are the deodorant and the lip balm, and I have my eyes on her new scrub too!

You can also find Smita on Instagram @simplysmitaco.

Happy reading, watching, and shopping!

Laura B. FolkesInterview: Simply Smita, an Organic Skincare Line
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