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Repair Your Strained Relationship with the Gym

By Christine O’Hagan from Spindle Fitness

Would you stay in a relationship with a person that left you feeling depleted, that you didn’t look forward to seeing, and that you didn’t have a good time with? Of course not! And you shouldn’t stay in a gym relationship like that either. You should look forward to and enjoy your workouts (at least most of the time) and they should give you energy. If you are someone who wishes they had a good fitness routine or need one to get to your goals but haven’t been able to do so, maybe it’s not the right fit for you. Keep dating and don’t give up! 

There are so many different types of fitness routines out there: personal training, group classes, small group classes, self-guided, online coaching. And there are many different options under each of those categories too! My advice would be to try a bunch of different things and see what you like. If you find something that you get along well with, give it a fair chance on giving you the desired results before you get frustrated and move on. No matter which fitness routine you choose, it is important to be consistent for a period of time to allow your body to make adaptations. A lot of times people don’t see immediate results, get frustrated and give up altogether. Just like relationships they take time to grow into love and something that supports you and your lifestyle. And I always stress, nutrition and eating behaviors are a HUGE piece of the puzzle!

If you don’t know where to start, check us out at Spindle Fitness for a complimentary assessment! We developed Spindle as a way of giving our members the personalized approach they are looking for without having to hire a personal trainer. By meeting with each member to learn about them and their goals, we are able to put together programs that fit their needs that they will actually want to do! There are many different types of fitness routines that can give you what you need and it is certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Divorce your negative relationship with working out. Recommit to a new fitness routine on January 24th!

If you’re in Chicago and would like to start repairing your strained relationship with the gym, join Personal Trainer, Christine O’Hagan and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Laura B. Folkes on Thursday, January 24th for an insightful workshop.

Attendees will gain clarity on:

  • Types of workouts that will work for and excite you
  • Your mindset barriers so you can break through them and rediscover your motivation
  • How to make activity more satisfying
  • What you need to make a routine work for you

The workshop is capped at 15 people so it will be a smaller and supportive group.


About Christine O’Hagan:

Certifications :

  • StrongFirst: SFG Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Instructor
  • Functional Movement Systems: Level 1 and 2
  • Precision Nutrition: Certified Level 2 Master Coach
  • NSCA: Certified Personal trainer

Other Education:

  • Postural Restoration Institute Courses” -Myokinematic Restoration
  • Postural Respiration
  • Integration for Fitness and Movement

Philosophy :
Each training client is unique with different body types, goals, and mindsets therefore no single training philosophy fits every client. Training provides accountability, consistency, and motivation at its core but with very specific program design suited to each individual in order to ensure the demands of both the body and mind are being met. With an emphasis on mobility, stability and constant progression to avoid plateaus, I take pride in giving my clients the most comprehensive support to successfully achieve their goals. Training alone is often not enough to achieve many fitness goals so in addition to individualized program design, my coaching often includes nutritional guidance and support.

Laura B. FolkesRepair Your Strained Relationship with the Gym
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