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You’re exhausted from thinking about food all the time and constantly having to muscle through with willpower to resist it. What if diets have been part of the problem all along, and fixing your relationship with food and your body didn’t have to require more willpower or self-discipline?

Have you ever:

  • Negotiated with yourself about a food choice and thought, ‘I shouldn’t eat that piece of cake, but I want it. I don’t eat it often, plus I deserve it after a long, hard day?’

  • Said ‘screw it’ and ate because, ‘Who cares?’ I mean, you do care but in the moment you don’t because you hope it will make you feel better. But then after eating the food, you realize you don’t actually feel any better and it didn’t solve anything after all?

  • Told yourself you’ve failed again! You set a goal you committed to sticking to but then found yourself in the pantry and ended up eating 7 different snacks within a matter of 10 minutes. You beat yourself up for it and think, ‘If I could just have self-control, I could conquer this food thing?’

Once you give in to a craving, you feel a lot of guilt, shame and have a ton of internal dialogue to gear up and get back on track. Since that doesn’t seem to happen, you lose self-trust and hope tomorrow will be the day you’re actually able to stick with the goals you’ve set.

You’re exhausted, starting to lose hope but you’re not willing to give up. And I’m so glad you haven’t! There is another option that will help you get clear on WHY you turn to food even when you aren’t hungry. You really want to reach your health and weight goals, but there’s a disconnect between your strong desire and your actions. 

When you are self-sabotaging or are eating out of alignment with your goals, this is the cycle you’re going through:

The Self-Sabotage Cycle…

  1. Trigger: You receive an email from your boss you perceive as negative feedback about a project you messed up on. Your stomach drops and your shoulders tense up. What’s happening isn’t actually stressful or depressing, we have an internal emotional trigger, so we focus on food or our bodies.

  1. Story: Created earlier in life that was learned based on how you perceived things to be from what you were taught by society, at home, at school, etc. It has protected you in some ways and has been keeping you stuck in others. Thinking back to the email from your boss, your story might be that you felt misunderstood, you’ve failed and are going to lose your job, or will get a bad review.

  2. Stress Response: We protect ourselves with the emotional versions of fight, flight or freeze mode, which are to compete, avoid or accommodate. Once you feel like you’ve failed from the email, you immediately think about finding a new job. This is part of the avoid stress response where you want to get out of the uncomfortable situation ASAP.

  3. Behavior: The stress responses lead to behaviors that create a self-fulfilling prophecy. As a result, we feel stuck, unfulfilled or isolated. With the sudden desire to start looking for a new job, you search job sites, or draft a defensive email back to your boss. You get up from your desk and beeline it to the candy stash at your co-worker’s desk.

  4. Lose self- trust: You start to question your ability with food and your body.  Once you inhale the candy, you feel like you failed again and didn’t stick with the healthy eating plan you started out with in the AM. Add that to the email you received from your boss. You start obsessing about what to pick up for dinner and can’t wait to open a bottle of wine! 

  5. Loops back to the trigger: We become triggered again because we’re less resilient and creative about other choices we have so we continue employing the compete, avoid or accommodate construct. As a result, we become more stressed and start to lose hope.

  6. Autopilot eating: You mindlessly eat, stress eat or emotionally eat hoping the food will help “save the day.”

  7. And the cycle starts again…

Can you relate to this cycle and are you sick of it depleting you
day in and day out?

Stop the Cycle in its Tracks!

Right now this cycle is unconscious and is keeping you emotionally and psychologically safe.

This self-study course will guide you to get to the bottom of WHY you eat. It’ll help you identify and start to resolve what’s actually causing you to self-sabotage and not be able to remain consistent to get the results you so desperately want.

What You’ll Learn:

Through this process, we use clarity as a tool. When we’re feeling out of control around food, life or our bodies, it’s a symptom the cycle above has been initiated. You’ll start to learn you’re not exactly the way you think you are. You might think of yourself as a perfectionist or a procrastinator. That might be true to some extent but there are reasons for those behaviors. With awareness and clarity, there’s freedom and excitement about what else is possible.

The goal is to get to a place where you are no longer tempted by food. When that happens you won’t need to rely on willpower and discipline because you’ll naturally want to eat in alignment with your goals. As a result, weight loss can be a side effect (however it is not guaranteed).  

  • Lesson 1: Uncover the common triggers leading to self-sabotage

  • Lesson 2: Connect your triggers to your destructive eating patterns

  • Lesson 3: Identify your protective strategies that drain your energy 

  • Lesson 4: Gain tools to see what’s possible, beyond mindless eating

  • Lesson 5: End patterns of overeating and over-stressing by learning how to feel empowered by the discomfort of your emotions.

The Ins and Outs:

  • Each lesson includes 3-6 short videos (max 6-minutes long)

  • If you’d prefer to read the content instead of watching the videos, transcripts are also included

  • Coaching exercises and tools included in each lesson to guide you through the process

  • The program is self-study so you can do it in your own time

Cost: $87 (payment plan also available, 3 payments of $35 each)

Optional add on available: Private 60-minute session with Laura to help you apply the materials to your life and/or support you if you’re feeling stuck. Cost: $150 (regularly $250)

These materials, tools, and resources are similar to the ones I would offer in one-on-one coaching over the course of many months. Instead of costing you upwards of $1,000, you can access them on your own time for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you have the option of one-on-one support with a 60-minute coaching session with me!

Life gets busy for all of us so inevitably something will come up to distract you from the course. That’s OK because that’s the beauty of a self-paced course! You’ll have access to the materials for as long as you need them. And, if it’s a pattern that comes up often where you procrastinate, we’ll address that in lessons 3 and 4.

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Client Results

I started this course to learn how to improve my relationship with food. I suspected there was an emotional component to why I eat the way I do and I desired to heal the emotional tension that led to my eating. I learned when life feels out of my control, I gravitate towards food to quell any anxiety I’m feeling. It gave me a temporary sense of control but in the end, I felt worse than before I ate. I also realized how my food choices got worse as the day went on and my portions increased at night. After completing the course, it's now easier to make better choices earlier in the day and I'm in the process of having that carry over into the evening too. I’m also turning towards a movement-based practice first before heading to the refrigerator when I start to feel anxious.”

Heather F.

"This course gives you helpful tools to catch yourself in the moment and make small lifestyle changes that will have a lasting impact if implemented.” From this course I hoped to find tools to stop mindless snacking and help me be more aligned with my goal of a healthy lifestyle. I realized I snack at night because I’m stuck in a loop of watching TV when I would rather be doing something else but feel like I should spend time with my husband. I’m now able to pause and recognize why I’m craving or mindlessly eating a snack. I’ve been able to make small changes to my food choices that are more aligned choices."


“I learned so much about myself by going through this course! I especially liked Module 3 with the different types of stress responses. The worksheets really helped me fully process the content and explore my response to it.”

Amber M.

“After the first two lessons I’m recognizing my triggers! The good news is I’ve stayed more on track and even the days I was triggered, I didn’t stray far from my planned eating. I’m loving the opportunity to learn about myself. It’s been a huge eye opener and I’m enjoying the process as much as it is a challenge. Thank you so much for this course!!!”

Kellen M.


Laura Folkes

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Discovering my purpose and passion started with my own weight loss journey. After successfully losing 60 pounds and working through my own emotional relationship with food, my mission became helping others get to the bottom of their patterns leading to self-sabotage.

I am a certified health coach with proven success partnering with clients to break through self-sabotaging behavior patterns and achieve sustainable change. Because I’ve been through the struggle myself, clients feel my empathy and find me to be relatable. For the past 6 years, I’ve built trusted relationships by creating safe spaces for clients to share their stories and feelings without judgment.

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