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Laura B. Folkes Business Spotlight: Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce

Learn about Laura’s background, why she became a health coach, as well as what she loves doing outside of running her business.

Breaking the Cycle of Self-Sabotage: Empowered Worth

Check out this interview to learn about the root causes of self-sabotage. Laura also shares the results you can expect by gaining awareness and clarity about your relationship with food. You’ll also hear why many of us turn to diets and how you can make them work for you if you choose to follow one.

How to Develop a Healthier Relationship with Food: The Real Relationships Show

Tune in to hear why when you reach your goal weight, you still might not feel like you’ve arrived and how our relationships can impact our eating.

Why We Run Out of Willpower & Eat: She is Fab

In this interview we cover why weight loss is not the main goal from working with me, what transformation looks like for my clients, why we hit capacity for making healthy food choices and tips you can start implementing now when eating out of alignment with your goals.

Tips for Loving Your Current Body

This is a guest post from Liz Hansen, owner of the Chicago Boudoir Photography Studio If you’re like many women, you may feel some shame and dissatisfaction with your body. But what if you could start loving your body right NOW, just as it is? I want you to picture what that would be like. […]

When Craving Mac & Cheese isn’t Really About The Mac or The Cheese

In a recent workshop I ran, we talked about the common themes that lead to self-sabotage and lacking willpower. After sharing some of the themes, tools and strategies, one of the women asked what tips I typically give people when they eat something out of alignment with their goals so they reach for the healthier […]

Reasons You Reward Yourself with Food

You walk by the candy bowl at 3:00 and try to resist it but what the heck? After all that you’ve accomplished you think, “I Deserve it!” and grab a handful of chocolate candy. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing “bad” about having a handful of chocolate. What isn’t ideal is when regret and guilt […]

The Connection Between Stillness, Fear and Mindless Eating

“Stillness is not about focusing on nothingness; it’s about creating a clearing. It’s opening up an emotionally clutter-free space and allowing ourselves to feel and think and dream and question.”

The Result of Fueling Your Passion

When I saw this sign at a women’s co-working space it really lit me up. Given the entrepreneurial setting I’m sure the intent behind these words has to do with running a business that is also your passion and putting power behind it. While I love this sentiment, it also resonated with me because of […]

Why We Sabotage Our Healthy Eating Efforts

One day I was talking to a friend about self-sabotage because it’s a topic that often comes up with my clients. As I was explaining that I wanted to write a blog post about the topic she said, “I’ll start it for you!” because she could relate. Here’s her story and then I’ll get into […]

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