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The Perfect Support Just for You

Support plays an important role when it comes to reaching health and weight goals.  Many traditional diets provide group support but they focus mainly on what’s happening with the food and not the individual.  Or, they may want to focus on exercise but your fitness plan is in great shape and you could really use assistance with emotional eating.

While following these diets, many people think that lack of willpower or motivation is to blame for not being able to stick to what they ‘know’ works. Or they ‘sabotage’ themselves but aren’t quite sure why.

What my clients have found to be more helpful and successful is a personalized approach based on what’s happening in their lives.  It’s amazing the results that can come from talking to an empathetic partner each week who is fully invested in their success. Having someone to check in with can be the difference between success and staying stuck.

Empower Sessions are an effective way to work through things such as:

  • A new challenge you are facing, like the cake in the refrigerator keeps calling your name and you don’t know why you keep responding.
  • Why you have lost your willpower and can’t seem to get it back.
  • How to combat the negative self talk so you can enjoy food again.
  • Ways to find an expiration date for what you may think of as an excuse. Excuses can be endless but I can work with you to find manageable solutions so they aren’t needed anymore.

No two Empower Sessions are the same since they are based on each person’s needs. Just by providing a couple simple tips during each call, one client experienced a 3.7lb (1.7kg) weight loss in just two weeks.

If you’re interested in finding out what results you can achieve, Contact me to get started.

Laura B. FolkesThe Perfect Support Just for You
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