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How to Reduce the Sugar Content in Your Yogurt (Recipe Included)

Yogurt is a popular breakfast due to its convenience and belief by many that it’s a healthy option. While it is healthier than some breakfast options, do you know how much sugar is in your yogurt? If you eat a flavored variety, you may want to check the label. Some brands have as much sugar in them as a Twinkie! Yes, you read that right, a Twinkie! This article from Huffpost shows the comparison of yogurts and the amount of sugar in each.

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Laura B. FolkesHow to Reduce the Sugar Content in Your Yogurt (Recipe Included)

Separating Fact from Misinformation

Recently you may have seen an article that was released about a study conducted by the American Heart Association stating that coconut oil isn’t as healthy as we thought. In fact, the article published by USA Today had an alarming headline, “Coconut oil isn’t healthy. It’s never been healthy.” However, I have noticed that articles are written about studies and when you dive deeper into the study there is a lot of context and information that is typically missing.

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Laura B. FolkesSeparating Fact from Misinformation