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When I initially reached out to Laura for support, I thought I could use a gut check to see if I needed to make changes to the existing diet I maintained. From our first conversation, I realized I was focusing on the wrong thing and didn’t understand how to look at, or approach my relationship with food.

I’ve learned there have been so many factors over decades that have contributed to my relationship with food and sense of self-confidence (or lack thereof), but at the end of the day I have the power to create space and perspective. It takes practice, but I can make what feels like an impulsive, unconscious behavior transform into an inflection point/thoughtful decision.

I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought possible through this process. It has relieved me of so much food anxiety and self-loathing that had become second nature I couldn’t see myself.

Overall, I feel less burdened and lighter when I’m making food decisions, I have stopped beating myself up, or telling myself I “can’t,” or “shouldn’t” eat certain foods, and I have been able to focus on connection vs. mental gymnastics when out socially. One indulgent meal no longer trickles into days of overthinking and compensating for the “damage” done.

I came into this process curious and hopeful and never imagined I’d get as much out of this work as I have. I genuinely never thought I’d get to this place with myself and I think it has helped empower me and improve my self-talk in ways I would never have tied to food.

Laura made me feel understood, not alone in my struggle or this journey, and helped me beyond my relationship with food. She always created a compassionate and safe space for me and has become a key part of my support system over the past year. I’m truly grateful!


Chicago, IL

When I first reached out to Laura for support, I was emotionally and physically unhealthy. I was stuck and could not move forward with my exercise and eating goals. I now feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and am a lot less anxious.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to dig deeply into issues that I only touched on in a surface level way during traditional cognitive behavioral therapy. Laura helped me question my own thoughts/feelings in a way that I had not done in the past (despite all that therapy!).

Overall, I'm more effective in all areas of my life because I am in more control and able to pick and choose what I do and don't want to take on.

I always felt understood and never judged by Laura. I recommend this program to anyone who has struggled to understand his or her relationship with food. This is not another diet.

I feel 1,000% better than I did when I first started working with Laura. This process was life saving!*


Chicago, IL

Initially I thought I needed a quick fix and wasn’t sure this was it. I reached out to Laura because I wanted to learn to stop my binge spirals, how to prioritize myself, my health and find room for it in my life, and understand why I always felt I had no time to care for myself.

After completing the six-month program, my binging is at nearly zero. I also have more balance where I’m eating throughout the day, rather than starving until evening.

Our sessions were never just about the food! This work was crucial in timing and helped me through a job transition and fairly major life change/relocation that stirred up all kinds of challenges and feelings. I am so thankful I had this information and Laura’s guidance in time.

I recommend Laura and her programs to anyone having mental gymnastics around food, if you’re fuzzy about why you behave the way you do, and especially to anyone in despair or feeling hopeless about their relationship with food. This work will help you get out of the weeds and give you an understanding of your actions that will lead to a natural course correction.

Laura has a keen ability to listen and hear what you say and help you find a deeper meaning behind it. Every session with her was insightful and I always left with an understanding that I would have not been able to reach on my own.

S. S.

Chicago, IL

I've tried so many ways to lose weight, from direct approaches like calorie counting and working with a trainer, to indirect methods like life coaching and internal work, so I was afraid that I'd heard it all before--that this wouldn't be anything new.

During the program I learned to be less hard on myself when I start seeking comfort. Knowing what was happening, acknowledging it and giving myself permission instead of beating myself up, was huge.

As a result of doing this work, I am now binging less and food feels less like a means of comfort. I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone in various areas, including communicating better at work and working with my boss to come up with solutions in a new role. I’m also being more authentic to myself and am adapting in various areas instead of accommodating. I recommend this program to anyone who is feeling burned out and could use more self-care.*

Sarah R.

Chicago, IL

When I first started working with Laura, I was unhappy with my body, weight and relationship with food. I was also very numbed out and was in habit ruts where I was doing things without joy or fulfillment. For example, I would mindlessly binge or eat, and it wouldn’t help in the moment.

I now have increased awareness and am gentler and more curious with myself. I am able to figure out what my actual needs are and what would feel like “enough” or the next right thing instead of just trying to muscle myself into things (e.g., with food, exercise, work, home projects, etc.)

Laura and Truce with Food are a great fit for people who often put the needs of others before their own and who are now trying to figure out how to make themselves part of that equation. If you’ve had long struggles with feeling badly about yourself, your body, how you eat/move/live and are looking to make shifts in those areas with curiosity, tenderness and compassion, this program is for you!*

M. R.

Chicago, IL

(Two months into the program): I'm beginning to make food choices in alignment with my goals because I feel like I have the freedom and capacity to do so. I feel like spaces/places in my heart have freed up for me to be able to be present and focused in the moment, as opposed to making choices based on past experiences, feelings and emotions.

I am being more intentional and in tune with myself and my feelings, my authenticity and I'm flowing from that space. I'm seeing myself and my life from a new perspective that is liberating and life-giving which makes me love, care for, and appreciate myself and my journey even more.*

Z. G.

Chicago, IL

I really appreciate all the work we have done and how much of my life I feel like you have given back to me with our sessions. I am truly a happier person having worked with Laura. I see the world in a different way and am able to appreciate myself a lot more.*


Chicago, IL

Going into the program working with Laura, I was clear that I didn’t want to be lectured about my weight or what I was eating. From the beginning I felt I could actually be real with my struggles because I was not being judged. It felt like I was really taking the time to not just focus on my weight, but on my overall health.

I am now setting boundaries by articulating what I need and want, which wasn’t something I did before. I have also learned that I can still have the foods I love and am able to recognize when I honestly want them instead of when I am emotionally leaning on the food.

From doing this work, I now feel the need to really think about what I want. In the past I worried about what I had to do for others to keep the peace but now I’m able to check in on my needs, making me feel so much more satisfied.

This is the perfect solution for anyone who has done various weight loss programs and plans without finding permanent success.*


Chicago, IL

Before I started working with Laura, I didn’t realize how much I use food as an emotional reaction to situations. Specifically, if I’m too overwhelmed I don’t eat. I also had an all or nothing mindset but realized it doesn’t have to be that way. After going through the program with Laura, I am feeling better and less hopeless and made a big life transition that was much smoother than it would have been had I done it on my own. It was really helpful to have someone on my team who is neutral, kind, non-judgmental and looks out for my best interest while being removed from the direct situation.*

Hannah F.

Chicago, IL

I started working with Laura because I wanted to feel more in control around food. Throughout the program I realized that I often accommodate others ahead of myself so I end up feeling depleted. I now feel more in control and aware of some of the issues I have around food. Overall I’m feeling less anxious because I’m more aware of my role/reactions and feel more in control of them.

I really like the “casual” approach to the sessions. Talking about and digging into the whys around eating and food is as important as nutrition and exercise. I recommend Laura to anyone struggling with many diets, have dietary issues or someone who notices they may binge or have irrational thoughts about food.*


Chicago, IL

When I first started on this journey I was skeptical about trying a new and different approach since many other things I had tried worked for a period of time but eventually failed. However, as I went through the program with Laura I made some significant realizations about my relationship with food. I am now at peace with the idea of this being a lifelong process that will take work. I am more compassionate with myself when it comes to following my diet, working out and other changes I’ve implemented. I’ve also realized that small to medium changes over time are not only effective, but they are the most realistic way to approach my goals as opposed to the black and white thinking I previously had of ‘it’s not worth doing if I can’t do it perfectly.’

Through working with Laura I realized that my goal was unrealistic and unhealthy and that my desire for perfection was actually one of my roadblocks. Since Laura has been on the journey herself, she had a lot of good information to share and understood what I was going through. She is good at recognizing patterns and relating them to what I would talk about even if I didn’t initially see the pattern/similarity/root cause. I would definitely recommend this program if you are someone who is thinking about your emotional relationship with food!*


Chicago, IL

When I first met Laura I had discovered I had a number of food sensitivities (corn, yeast, gluten, dairy, sugar, sulfites). I felt incredibly overwhelmed about how to prepare meals and feel healthy while not feeling deprived. Laura recommended a number of great “treats” including an amazing “chocolate milkshake” that has become a staple in my life. Prior to working with her I felt like my diet was extremely rigid and I felt very deprived, but now I feel (and look) great and am able to stay away from the things that make me sick while still enjoying food and life.

Laura really wants to help people live the best life possible and be gentler on themselves. We ended up working a lot on stress management and integrating a lot of practices for fun and relaxation. I really recommend Laura as a kind, approachable, knowledgeable partner in the quest to a happy, healthy, (delicious), and fun life!*

Katie S.

Chicago, IL

Inching into my mid-thirties, and having the boilerplate health (and vanity) concerns, I knew what I needed to do to be healthier (and more comfortable in my skin) but just never stuck to doing those things enough to make a difference. I would tell myself, “By this time next year, I’ll be fitting into those old skinny jeans again. I’ll just start doing x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, and x.”

When I met Laura and heard of her services I thought to myself, “Do I really need to pay someone to do what I already know I need to be doing?” And after a few more months without change I realized the answer was a resounding, “Ugh, I guess”. What really pushed me to the point of seeking Laura’s guidance wasn’t stepping on the scale as much as going to the doctor and having high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Because of my nutritional resourcefulness and scientific inquisitiveness I assumed up until that point that I was healthy, simply by having knowledge about what was healthy. But, the numbers proved me wrong.

Working with Laura helped me to filter my overwhelming amount of nutritional and health information into small and manageable lifestyle actions. She helped me to pair down my health actions, binging, and then long periods of disappointed apathy, into realistic adjustments. I look forward to having my sessions with Laura, not only because she is personable and knowledgeable, but she’s also a perfectly nonjudgmental counselor to gently guide me down the better path when I stray. The key to Laura’s success is making the plan tailored to what I enjoy in life and not unrealistically cutting out indulgences. This helps bring pleasure and wellness to a balanced lifestyle.

I recently had my blood panels done again, and my anxiety at viewing the results melted away when I saw that my total cholesterol had dropped 55 mg/dL down to 155mg/dL, and all of my numbers are in the healthy range. I shouldn’t have been that surprised since I’ve lost 12 lbs and feel much better. Laura knows what she’s doing, and even if skinny jeans are no longer trending, I’m just happy feeling better in this one body I’ve got.*

Maryam S.

Chicago, IL

Laura is so engaged and attentive that she has the natural ability to inspire. You receive patience, respect, honesty and encouragement. She always brought forth logical steps towards reaching my goals whenever I felt stuck or confused. The best part is, she did this in a way that honoured my vision for what a healthy life looks like for me. She is skilled at offering ideas and challenging you in a way that makes you want to step out and be the best version of yourself. Working with Laura is well worth the investment!*

Sara F.

Vancouver, BC

Laura is an extremely dedicated and trained Health Coach professional, empowering others to lead longer, healthier lives. She helps guide individuals or groups through a customized solution that works best for them and their lifestyle.*

Jennifer G.

Chicago, IL

When I started working with Laura I was an emotional wreck. I was eating myself through my days and then had no motivation to move or do anything. (You might say I was hitting my bottom).

When I talked to Laura she would always start with, ‘What’s going on with you?’ With so much going on I just didn’t want to diet and I didn’t want to be told what to do, but I knew I didn’t like how I felt and wanted to change. Laura took me through baby steps to get me back on track so that I wanted to care about myself again. That was the first step for me.

Laura cared so much about helping me and guided me to take it one feeling at a time. She gave me suggestions on what to eat until I got back on track. I am now up and running! I am exercising at the gym, view every meal as a fresh start and have a lot more energy.

Thank you to Laura for your patience and helping me regain motivation for a healthier lifestyle. I can’t tell you enough how much better I feel!*

Maria L.

Ann Arbor, MI

When I initially started working with Laura, I had one main goal…to lose weight. I had been trying to lose weight (and keep it off) for years and had struggled. Laura took the time to not only learn why I wanted to lose weight, but also explored deeper underlying issues as to why I could never lose weight and keep it off. Some of the struggle stemmed from emotional issues and others from motivational issues that made facing weight loss much tougher. In expressing this personal and confidential information to her, I felt 100% comfortable that her coaching would help me overcome these obstacles.

The difference in working with Laura is that she outlined we would not get immediate results and set those expectations from day one. She also confirmed with me that we were on the same page and asked for updates along the way as to if anything had changed so she could be flexible in her coaching. We worked together to take baby steps toward achieving my goals and implement healthy practices that would last a lifetime, not just a few months. And, the baby steps were easy and produced results! Not only was I starting to feel healthier, but also happier! I would highly recommend Laura and her wellness coaching.*

Candice H.

Chicago, IL

Shannon shares how Truce with Food helped her stop biting and picking her nails - a habit she wanted to break for years. We checked in four years after she finished the program and the results have been sustaining, without needing to rely on willpower or discipline!

Listen in as Kaysie shares what she learned about herself throughout the process, how her eating shifted (and quickly!), and what she learned about the role food had been playing in her life.

I’ve realized that the physical weight I’m carrying has been from the expectations, pressure, and stress from trying to be someone else for the approval, love, and validation of others. That’s why it didn’t matter how much I worked out, didn’t eat, did eat, etc., because the issue wasn’t really about the food, but was lurking underneath the food. Overeating is a symptom!

It’s like I have a new best friend that I want to protect, honor, care for, value, respect, affirm, and love. It’s like a homecoming in which I’m beginning to feel rooted and grounded in myself. I’m starting to feel safe and secure within myself, with myself.

This is the feeling I’ve been yearning and searching for in other things and people to give me. And I didn’t have to be 150 pounds to get here! I’ve been going all around the mulberry bush chasing things and people I thought would make me happy, worthy, lovable etc., while neglecting the person right in front of my face!

I haven’t had any popcorn since last week! And I don’t have this insatiable drive to get it like before. I even turned down a piece of cake! That’s a huge deal for me because I rarely turn down food, especially cake. I just didn’t have a desire or need for it, so I passed.*

Z. G.

Chicago, IL

6-months ago, my attention to my health had taken a backseat and I felt stuck. I didn’t want to resort to my old ways of following a strict exercise or food regiment, only to revert back to old habits when I was having a rough day. I wanted to understand the subconscious reasons for my unhealthy habits and patterns in all areas, including why I would eat things even though I knew they weren’t the healthiest choices.

After going through Truce with Food, I don’t eat impulsively anymore, my late-night snacking is totally under control, and I trust my body and my choices! I am also now able to more quickly identify my needs, particularly in situations where they conflict with someone else’s needs and I’m able to speak up for my needs without feeling guilty afterwards!

Laura was absolutely the right person for me at the right time. I never realized how my relationship with food was really a manifestation of my relationship with myself and others. She finally helped me realize that the ‘long lost twin’ I’ve been looking for my whole life is ME!

I recommend this program to anyone who is feeling stuck in their attempts to change their eating, exercise, or other life habits. It’s also for anyone who sees, or is open to the idea, that our physical, mental and emotional health are all connected.

Laura is a genuine human being who is truly compassionate and interested in helping others. There’s no phoney-baloney with her!*

Anita K.

Chicago, IL

When I began my work with Laura, I’d already done A LOT of work on my own; I’d researched nutrition, healthy habits, goal setting, efficient exercise methods, and examined past trauma. Even so, something wasn’t working. There was a disconnect between all the pieces I’d gathered and the way my intentions were playing out in real life.

I’d had years of struggle & guilt, interspersed with occasional bouts of health & success. Consistently sustainable, healthy choices seemed beyond reach.

Laura’s keen awareness and fierce compassion allowed me access to subtle insights I could never have gained on my own. Various personality quirks, impulses, residual survival techniques—all very natural, learned behaviors—were undermining my ability to grow and succeed in my relationship with food.

Laura identifies and addresses unhelpful patterns with kindness and offers creative, thoughtful methods for engaging and shifting those patterns. Her empathetic, balanced, honest perspective is central to her impact in my life. She is an ongoing confidant & advocate: flexible and careful to adjust to my needs and changing goals.

If you’re tired of trying to change your food/health reality alone: stop!

Consider setting aside the “I know” and “I should.” See if Laura can help you unlock some “I am” and “I can.*

Melissa K.

Chicago, IL

I feel like I learned SO MUCH more than my relationship with food and I see how it is all connected. I became more aware of how I eat during times of stress and how the inner voice was running my life/behaviors. I was also able to see the connection between my emotions/stress levels and eating.

In general, I became MORE AWARE of my thoughts, feelings, behaviors and eating. The awareness of food and how I think/treat my body is a specific result that has been helpful.

I now have a better relationship with myself. My self-esteem improved and I can lean into growth mindset, while also bringing the freedom to really be authentic and lean into my true self. I feel confident moving forward with this new set of skills and knowledge.

Laura is so kind and caring. She walked through so much with me with patience, care and understanding. I appreciated her approach to this work and allowing me to open up and be vulnerable. She met me exactly where I was at, and I am thankful for that!

It was super helpful to dive into my story, even if it was painful at times. It’s a critical step in finding freedom in so many ways.

You may not get what you thought you wanted originally but it’s going to be exactly what you need. It’s all about the mind-body connection and that will become clear in time.*

Alli S.

South Bend, IN

Our work together really stuck! The program made it possible to understand that I was overeating as a way to soothe myself after giving everything to everyone else each day. After discovering that key insight, I was able to create boundaries for myself, soothe myself in different ways, and feel more in control of eating.

Since I finished the program, I have lost 20 pounds and am officially at the same weight and measurements I was before I got pregnant four years ago! I’m also now off the blood sugar rollercoaster and have been eating in alignment with the way that works best for me!*

40-year-old female

Chicago, IL

I found working with Laura extremely beneficial. My relationship to food has ebbed and flowed throughout my life and I had never really put in the work to understand the emotional connection between my behavior and my eating habits. Laura took me on a journey and throughout our time together, she helped me connect the dots and bring a greater awareness to my relationship to food. She helped me identify my triggers and more importantly, gave me tools and techniques to recognize what was happening and make better choices.

As a coach, Laura is an incredible listener and always made me feel safe. It's a vulnerable process and a big reason I was able to do the work was because of Laura's calm, thoughtful and non-judgmental demeanor. Laura is a very special person and very good at her job. I'm grateful for our time together.*

J. E.

Chicago, IL

When I first started Truce with Food, I was hoping to remove shame around eating out of alignment with what I understood to be appropriate healthy eating. While going through the program, I learned junk food was associated with reward, fun and love and I used food as a way to avoid my feelings. Whatever “bad” feeling I had, I would smother it with the foods that represent “love.”

My eating is now healthier and binge eating of non-nutritional food is mostly a thing of the past. I pick and stock better foods and food is less of an emotional crutch overall.

I started the process for assistance around my eating habits but I also got some amazing guidance on how to improve my relationships with family, friends and co-workers. I was surprised that this old dog could still learn new tricks!

I recommend this program to anyone struggling with eating issues tied to unresolved or unexamined emotions. Laura creates a safe place for you to share your worst secrets in a non-judgmental environment, bringing the secret shames to the light of day, allowing for understanding and healing.*


Chicago, IL

Through my time working with Laura I regained my independence and removed myself from a toxic relationship. I was also able to identify what was derailing my progress and holding me in old habits that no longer suit me.

Overall, Laura has really helped me move forward and I have realized that I am stronger than I think. I recommend her for anyone struggling with weight or major life changes because you will identify things you never knew were holding you back!*

Tammy D.

Minneapolis, MN

When I first sought support, I was miserable and a big part of that was my job. Laura helped me find what matters most to me, my worth and ultimately helped me leave a toxic work culture.

The stress from my job made it challenging to be consistent with healthy eating and exercise. I’m now better at unpacking the “why” when I’m craving certain food and have better awareness about my relationship with food. I am also more in tune with my emotions and when I crave food, I can dig a bit deeper knowing there is something else going on at the moment.

Laura gets me so I always felt heard, and she knew my struggles. She was able to make me feel better about myself and the progress that I’ve made.

I recommend this program to anyone who mentally and emotionally struggles with food or looks to it as an outlet.*


Chicago, IL

After completing the six month program, I feel stronger in being assertive for my needs. I have become less scale obsessed and more rooted in what are my actual goals that I want to accomplish, such as being more physically capable and happy. I feel happier understanding my relationship with food than actually hitting a number on a scale.

This program is helpful for anyone who is frustrated or confused by their ability to have a healthier relationship with food. I am in my early 40’s and thought that maybe this was just the way it was going to be but now I do not feel as defeated as I did going in.*


Chicago, IL

I’ve really enjoyed working with Laura because she’s not judgmental. The “Health Coach viewpoint is a different one than any I’ve experienced before, and it’s been interesting to look at my life in a different way. All my life I’ve viewed my relationship with food as a bad/negative thing and many people have said disparaging things to me about my weight and my inability to take it off and/or keep it off. Laura hasn’t done that, and I appreciate it.

After working with Laura, I am feeling better about myself and am more willing to be kind to myself. I’m also able to cut myself some slack if I don’t feel I can accomplish all the things I plan to.

I would recommend Laura to anyone who has been trying to lose weight but has gotten stuck for some reason and is frustrated by their inability to move forward. Laura’s positive encouragement and thoughtful evaluation of what the underlying causes of my eating habits could be was very eye opening.*


Chicago, IL

I started working with Laura to lose a significant amount of weight and get my blood sugar back in alignment. At first, I thought the program wouldn’t work but I was hopeful it was going to help me get to my goal. During the 5-month program, I realized that I’m really hard on myself. I was also able to reduce my snacking and saw an improvement in my blood sugar numbers.

Laura is insightful, full of good knowledge and is always open to exploring how to best work through a situation. She’s very supportive and non-judgmental and takes the whole me into consideration, not just a small part. I recommend Laura to anyone struggling with their health- and/or weight-related issues. She genuinely cares about her clients and the work and masters the challenging and sensitive stuff with ease.*


Chicago, IL

I sought Laura out as I had been yo-yo’ing in my weight for the last several years and felt that thinking about food was leading to too many mental gymnastics. Laura helped me unpack what was contributing to my “I must eat pizza now!” craving, which was where I tended to fall down. By realizing that I needed to balance my work stress in ways other than comfort food and allowing myself to slow down enough to take care of my needs in more fulfilling, lasting ways, I was able to make changes. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds!

There was a lot of sadness that came up and an inner oppositional teenager who wanted to break a rule the minute I made it! Laura has the wisdom and presence to be able to sit with these emotions in a way that is beyond her years. I think it takes a certain vulnerability to be able to sit with someone in their negative emotions like that.

I felt comfortable sharing these intimate details with Laura because of who she is as a person. Laura was also able to be flexible to understand my desire to skew towards Ayurvedic (yogic medicine) principles to be in line with my spirituality. Through this foundational work and by tuning into my spiritual practices I have found a sustainable way to enjoy food rather than feel controlled by it.

I’m grateful for Laura and recommend her highly!*


Chicago, IL

I had a very pleasant experience working with Laura. I found her to be a great support. She met me right where I was at in the moment. She shared a lot of great information about food and helpful resources. More importantly, though, Laura led me on a journey of self-exploration especially around emotional eating. I appreciated knowing that Laura really understood my struggle because she has been there herself. This was invaluable. Laura is a great Health Coach and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.*

Millie F.

Chicago, IL

When I first started working with Laura I knew what she did as a Health Coach and how she helped some of her other clients. I would listen but think, ‘I have a handle on things. I know what to do and what not to do so I didn’t need her services.,’ so I continued to do what I had been doing. I was drinking pop and eating fast food for lunch every day because it was “convenient,” I was lazy and didn’t have the energy to pack my lunch in the mornings.

In January 2016 I felt like everything was spiraling out of control. I was experiencing a lot of emotional stress at work to the point where I woke up with my pulse racing, feeling like I was having a heart attack. Later that day I ended up at urgent care and was diagnosed with having an anxiety attack. Afterwards I called Laura and told her what happened. After a long talk she suggested sugar could be a contributing factor to my anxiety. She suggested I try cutting it out for two weeks to see how I would feel, so I tried it and haven’t looked back. Not only has my anxiety subsided but I have also lost 15 pounds in 19 weeks as an added benefit. While I am still in the process of losing weight, I am confident that with Laura’s guidance I will meet my goal.

Since working with Laura I have not felt deprived and she ensures it is manageable for my daily life. She is very supportive and always look at the positive side of my accomplishments even if I feel like I had a bad week. Laura is very knowledgeable about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having her as a resource is extremely helpful. I know I can rely on her when I need additional support.*

Lisa G.

Ann Arbor, MI

*Results may vary from person to person.

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