Hear what other clients are saying

“Through my time working with Laura I regained my independence and removed myself from a toxic relationship. I was also able to identify what was derailing my progress and holding me in old habits that no longer suit me.

Overall, Laura has really helped me move forward and I have realized that I am stronger than I think. I recommend her for anyone struggling with weight or major life changes because you will identify things you never knew were holding you back!“*

– Tammy D. Minneapolis, MN

“I really appreciate all the work we have done and how much of my life I feel like you have given back to me with our sessions. I am truly a happier person having worked with Laura. I see the world in a different way and am able to appreciate myself a lot more.”*

– L. A., Chicago, IL

“Going into the program working with Laura, I was clear that I didn’t want to be lectured about my weight or what I was eating. From the beginning I felt I could actually be real with my struggles because I was not being judged. It felt like I was really taking the time to not just focus on my weight, but on my overall health.

I am now setting boundaries by articulating what I need and want, which wasn’t something I did before. I have also learned that I can still have the foods I love and am able to recognize when I honestly want them instead of when I am emotionally leaning on the food.

From doing this work, I now feel the need to really think about what I want. In the past I worried about what I had to do for others to keep the peace but now I’m able to check in on my needs, making me feel so much more satisfied.

This is the perfect solution for anyone who has done various weight loss programs and plans without finding permanent success.”*

– Michelle, Chicago, IL

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Laura because she’s not judgmental. The “Health Coach viewpoint” is a different one than any I’ve experienced before, and it’s been interesting to look at my life in a different way. All my life I’ve viewed my relationship with food as a bad/negative thing and many people have said disparaging things to me about my weight and my inability to take it off and/or keep it off. Laura hasn’t done that, and I appreciate it.

After working with Laura, I am feeling better about myself and am more willing to be kind to myself. I’m also able to cut myself some slack if I don’t feel I can accomplish all the things I plan to.

I would recommend Laura to anyone who has been trying to lose weight but has gotten stuck for some reason and is frustrated by their inability to move forward. Laura’s positive encouragement and thoughtful evaluation of what the underlying causes of my eating habits could be was very eye opening.”*

– M. S., Chicago, IL

“Before I started working with Laura, I didn’t realize how much I use food as an emotional reaction to situations. Specifically, if I’m too overwhelmed I don’t eat. I also had an all or nothing mindset but realized it doesn’t have to be that way. After going through the program with Laura, I am feeling better and less hopeless and made a big life transition that was much smoother than it would have been had I done it on my own. It was really helpful to have someone on my team who is neutral, kind, non-judgmental and looks out for my best interest while being removed from the direct situation.”*

– Hannah F., Chicago, IL

“I started working with Laura to lose a significant amount of weight and get my blood sugar back in alignment. At first, I thought the program wouldn’t work but I was hopeful it was going to help me get to my goal. During the 5-month program, I realized that I’m really hard on myself. I was also able reduce my snacking and saw an improvement in my blood sugar numbers.

Laura is insightful, full of good knowledge and is always open to exploring how to best work through a situation. She’s very supportive and non-judgmental and takes the whole me into consideration, not just a small part. I recommend Laura to anyone struggling with their health- and/or weight-related issues. She genuinely cares about her clients and the work and masters the challenging and sensitive stuff with ease.”

– K. B., Chicago, IL

“I started working with Laura because I wanted to feel more in control around food. Throughout the program I realized that I often accommodate others ahead of myself so I end up feeling depleted. I now feel more in control and aware of some of the issues I have around food. Overall I’m feeling less anxious because I’m more aware of my role/reactions and feel more in control of them.

I really like the “casual” approach to the sessions. Talking about and digging into the whys around eating and food is as important as nutrition and exercise. I recommend Laura to anyone struggling with many diets, have dietary issues or someone who notices they may binge or have irrational thoughts about food.”

– A. G., Chicago, IL

“I sought Laura out as I had been yo-yo’ing in my weight for the last several years and felt that thinking about food was leading to too many mental gymnastics. Laura helped me unpack what was contributing to my “I must eat pizza now!” craving, which was where I tended to fall down. By realizing that I needed to balance my work stress in ways other than comfort food and allowing myself to slow down enough to take care of my needs in more fulfilling, lasting ways, I was able to make changes. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds!

There was a lot of sadness that came up and an inner oppositional teenager who wanted to break a rule the minute I made it!  Laura has the wisdom and presence to be able to sit with these emotions in a way that is beyond her years. I think it takes a certain vulnerability to be able to sit with someone in their negative emotions like that. I felt comfortable sharing these intimate details with Laura because of who she is as a person. I really liked the email summaries she would send after the session and the items to reflect on/exercises. Laura was also able to be flexible to understand my desire to skew towards Ayurvedic (yogic medicine) principles to be in line with my spirituality. Through this foundational work and by tuning into my spiritual practices I have found a sustainable way to enjoy food rather than feel controlled by it.

I’m grateful for Laura and recommend her highly!“*

– Rachel, Chicago, IL

“When I first started on this journey I was skeptical about trying a new and different approach since many other things I had tried worked for a period of time but eventually failed. However, as I went through the program with Laura I made some significant realizations about my relationship with food. I am now at peace with the idea of this being a lifelong process that will take work. I am more compassionate with myself when it comes to following my diet, working out and other changes I’ve implemented. I’ve also realized that small to medium changes over time are not only effective, but they are the most realistic way to approach my goals as opposed to the black and white thinking I previously had of ‘it’s not worth doing if I can’t do it perfectly.’

Through working with Laura I realized that my goal was unrealistic and unhealthy and that my desire for perfection was actually one of my roadblocks. Since Laura has been on the journey herself, she had a lot of good information to share and understood what I was going through. She is good at recognizing patterns and relating them to what I would talk about even if I didn’t initially see the pattern/similarity/root cause. I would definitely recommend this program if you are someone who is thinking about your emotional relationship with food!“*

– J. B., Chicago, IL

“I just recently completed my work with Laura and had a very pleasant experience.  I found Laura to be a great support. She met me right where I was at in the moment. She shared a lot of great information about food and helpful resources. More importantly, though, Laura led me on a journey of self-exploration especially around emotional eating. I appreciated knowing that Laura really understood my struggle because she  has been there herself. This was invaluable. Laura is a great Health Coach and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”*

– Millie F., Chicago, IL

“When I first met Laura I had discovered I had a number of food sensitivities (Corn, yeast, gluten, dairy, sugar, sulfites).  I felt incredibly overwhelmed about how to prepare meals and feel healthy while not feeling deprived. Laura recommended a number of great “treats” including an amazing “chocolate milkshake” that has become a staple in my life. Prior to working with her I felt like my diet was extremely rigid and I felt very deprived, but now I feel (and look) great and am able to stay away from the things that make me sick while still enjoying food and life.

Most people I worked with in the past for any dietary coaching were a nightmare. I found myself constantly hungry, tracking every spec of food, and feeling guilty when I couldn’t maintain these incredibly regimented diets.

Laura really wants to help people live the best life possible and be gentler on themselves. We ended up working a lot on stress management and integrating a lot of practices for fun and relaxation. I really recommend Laura as a kind, approachable, knowledgeable partner in the quest to a happy, healthy, (delicious), and fun life!”*

– Katie S., Chicago, IL