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If you’re worn out after becoming an expert at dieting, reading up on all the latest health & wellness trends and knowing what you’re supposed to be doing but are having a hard time sticking to it, then it may be time for a new approach.

Many of my clients know what they should be eating but have a hard time sticking to it. Whether working towards leading a healthier lifestyle or changing the foods they eat due to a food intolerance, they are “good” for a couple days and then something happens and takes them off track. They end up “falling off the wagon” and find it hard to get back on track but when they do they are “good” for a while and then fall off again. It’s a vicious, frustrating cycle. What is helpful is having an empathetic, non-judgmental partner to help navigate the changes in a sustainable way while exploring the real reasons they are stuck in the cycle. Since everyone’s lifestyles vary with different needs and unique goals, all of my programs are customized based on where you need added support and could include:

Private Coaching

  • Q&A SESSION (30-Minutes)

    If you’re unsure whether Health Coaching is right for you, let's chat! We'll discuss your goals & Laura will provide details about her programs to see if they're right for you.

    Cost: Free

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    DISCOVERY SESSION (75-Minutes)

    Each program beings with a Discovery Session where we will get to know each other to ensure it’s a good fit for both of us. During this session we’ll discuss:

    • Your goals
    • Your current situation
    • What’s been keeping you from reaching your goals to date
    • Where you want to be in the future

    Together we’ll determine the best approach moving forward.

    Cost: $190

    What Others Are Saying:
    “Through my time working with Laura I regained my independence and removed myself from a toxic relationship. I was also able to identify what was derailing my progress and holding me in old habits that no longer suit me.

    Overall, Laura really helped me move forward and I realized that I am stronger than I think. I recommend her for anyone struggling with weight or major life changes because you will identify things you never knew were holding you back!"*
    ~Tammy D.

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Programs Overview

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    Do you know the right steps to take in order to eat healthier? Can you stick to your plan for a couple of days or a couple weeks but then something happens and you fall off track? Do you think lack of willpower is to blame and you wish you could just stick to what you know works?

    For years I lacked motivation to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight, even though I knew what I needed to do. I would tell myself that I'd get started tomorrow but for years tomorrow didn't come. I was waiting for someone to show up on my doorstep with the magic pill and who would do the work for me. At the beginning of my journey what I was really missing was the right support to help guide me through taking one step at a time to make small changes based on where I was in my life. I needed someone I could check in with and who would help cut through the overwhelm and break down the steps to take along the way while helping me course-correct when I felt I was losing my way. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I have been working with clients to do just that. I help provide tips, tricks and suggestions they don't know to think of, because when they are in a routine it can be easy to stick with what they know.

    If what you have been doing isn't working for you anymore, have no fear! You don't have to give up, you just need the right support. Having an empathetic partner to support you every week can be the difference between success and staying stuck.

    Program Details:
    We’ll meet weekly for 30-minutes over 3-months. These sessions are for those who would like:

    • Accountability
    • To keep your willpower up
    • Address any hurdles you encounter along your journey

    What Others Are Saying:
    After working with me, one of my clients said, "Your genuine-ness, openness, acceptance, and of course your knowledge and wisdom, has allowed me to tread with confidence and insight."
    ~Sara F.

    Not sure if this program is right for you? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Q&A call with me to find out. There is no obligation because I want to make sure it will be the right fit for both of us.  

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  • BREAK THE CYCLE (5 Months)

    You have an overwhelming amount of information about what you should be doing and you know what has worked for you in the past. However, you feel you lack willpower and aren’t always able to stick to what you know works. You want to gain control over this “food thing,” yet something is holding you back but are unaware as to what it is. It may even feel like you’re in crisis mode and just need to “fix it.” Putting in more effort always produces results, right?

    It seems the more we try to get a handle on our eating habits, the harder (and more exhausting) it becomes. Do you ever say ‘screw it’ and eat what you want? Then the next day you beat yourself up over the unhealthy food choice so you start again and try to eat healthy. Before you know it you’re either back to saying ‘screw it’ or telling yourself it’s OK because you deserve to eat it. This is a common pattern my clients find themselves in and I experienced too.

    Even though I was maintaining my weight after losing 60 pounds, I struggled with my relationship with food. I would find myself eating well for a while and then I would stop caring and eat whatever I wanted because I felt I deserved it. After I realized what I was doing, I called it ‘working the system.’ I would find myself gaining two pounds and then I would rein it back in to get back to my goal weight. It was an exhausting cycle that didn’t seem right. From doing self-discovery work with my Health Coach, I was able to understand what was causing the cycle and I learned that it wasn’t really about the food. Not only was I seeing situations (e.g., dieting) as all or nothing, I also had a tendency to set idealistic expectations. Once I uncovered these patterns I was able to start to find the gray area and get clear on what I wanted/needed out of different scenarios. These are just two examples of my patterns but working through those alone created freedom and space to make food choices that were in alignment with my healthy eating goals.

    Program Details:
    During this 5 month program we will meet every other week for 60-minutes each so you can uncover why you’ve been in the same familiar patterns around food. As a result, you will break free from the general feeling of overwhelm and ultimately experience freedom from constantly thinking about food.

    What Others Are Saying:
    “Laura helped me unpack what was contributing to my "I must eat pizza now!" craving, which was where I tended to fall down. By realizing that I needed to balance my work stress in ways other than comfort food and allowing myself to slow down enough to take care of my needs in more fulfilling, lasting ways, I was able to make changes.Through this foundational work and by tuning into my spiritual practices I have found a sustainable way to enjoy food rather than feel controlled by it.”* ~Rachel

    Not sure if this program is right for you? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Q&A call with me to find out. There is no obligation because I want to make sure it will be the right fit for both of us.

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