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Why So Many of Us Are Feeling Unsatisfied & What We Can Do About It: Authority Magazine
Do you ever feel like you aren't enough or don't have enough? In this interview with Authority Magazine, Laura talks about why so many of us feel unsatisfied, including how marketing and society play a role. She also provides 5 thing you can do to address the feeling of not having enough.
20 September 2022

How to sustainably transform your relationship with food
Learn about the Truce with Food process and how your "bad" habits are actually a form of protection.
20 September 2022

Why We Self-Sabotage and Can’t Remain Consistent: Let’s Talk 1943
Learn about the four triggers that lead you to self-sabotage and "fall off track." You'll also get a tool you can use when you find yourself in that cycle.
2 September 2022

Black and White Thinking: Direction Not Perfection
How is your black and white thinking protecting you? Finding the middle ground and the gray area can open you up to many different possibilities you may not be seeing right now. Check out this interview for some tools to help you work towards breaking the pattern.
19 April 2022

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