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Why We Run Out of Willpower & Eat: She is Fab
In this interview we cover why weight loss is not the main goal from working with me, what transformation looks like for my clients, why we hit capacity for making healthy food choices and tips you can start implementing now when eating out of alignment with your goals.
16 June 2021

Our Relationship with Food: Unpacking the Box
Listen in to learn the underlying reasons why we have toxic relationships with food, why we get stuck in a vicious cycle with food, and MORE!
12 June 2021

Food as a Reflection of Our Lives: Our Daily Magic
If you consider yourself to be a perfectionist or overachiever, this episode is for you!
13 May 2021

A Tool to Feel Empowered: Memories with a Beat
Learn about one of the tools I use with my clients as they're exploring their relationship with food, why it works, how to use it, and how it helped me as I was going through my journey to heal my relationship with food.
11 May 2021

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