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Eat in Alignment with Your Goals: The Self Project Podcast
Kristy and Laura talk about the four triggers that lead to unaligned eating and how emotion gets wrapped up in an inanimate item like food or money and creates stories and beliefs we don’t always realize are there. 
14 July 2021

How to Develop a Healthier Relationship with Food: The Real Relationships Show
Tune it to hear why when you reach your goal weight, you still might not feel like you've arrived and how our relationships can impact our eating.  
29 June 2021

Stop Self-Sabotage with Food: Empower Women in Midlife
Learn about the vicious cycle that keeps so many of us stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food, and how to break free of that self-sabotage.
25 June 2021

Why We Run Out of Willpower & Eat: She is Fab
In this interview we cover why weight loss is not the main goal from working with me, what transformation looks like for my clients, why we hit capacity for making healthy food choices and tips you can start implementing now when eating out of alignment with your goals.
16 June 2021

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