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A Good Relationship with Food: Advantages to Aging
In this interview, Laura breaks down what it means to have a good relationship with food and explains the cycle that leads to unaligned eating.  She also explains why we have good intentions of doing the "right" thing but don't actually following through with them.
25 August 2021

Emotional Eating + Self-Sabotage: Busy Girl’s Guide to Health Podcast
Laura and Devyn dive into why we emotionally eat and the root causes of self-sabotage. Listen in for many realizations around the ideas of willpower, control around food, and how we use food as a coping mechanism.
27 July 2021

Eating in Alignment with Our Goals: You Got This! – The Journey
This interview is a little different than others. Not only do Laura and Shannon talk about how to find a healthy relationship with food without feeling like a prisoner, but Shannon also gets vulnerable and opens up about her journey and her relationship with food. Laura does a live coaching session with Shannon to help figure out what has been taking her off track recently.
27 July 2021

Eat in Alignment with Your Goals: The Self Project Podcast
Kristy and Laura talk about the four triggers that lead to unaligned eating and how emotion gets wrapped up in an inanimate item like food or money and creates stories and beliefs we don’t always realize are there. 
14 July 2021

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