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Our Relationship with Food: Unpacking the Box
Listen in to learn the underlying reasons why we have toxic relationships with food, why we get stuck in a vicious cycle with food, and MORE!
12 June 2021

Food as a Reflection of Our Lives: Our Daily Magic
If you consider yourself to be a perfectionist or overachiever, this episode is for you!
13 May 2021

A Tool to Feel Empowered: Memories with a Beat
Learn about one of the tools I use with my clients as they're exploring their relationship with food, why it works, how to use it, and how it helped me as I was going through my journey to heal my relationship with food.
11 May 2021

Building Stress Response Awareness & Wellness: Tangents Podcast
In this interview we talk about how unaligned eating is not just about food, it's about you, your self talk and reasons for your habits. I also give tips for working through transitions effectively.
20 April 2021

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