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Radically transform your relationship with food™

Together we’ll make sustainable changes while creating freedom around food, ending the cycle of self-sabotage to regain your willpower and reducing cravings.

You’ve been navigating your weight and desired healthier lifestyle on your own for long enough. It’s OK to admit that what you’re doing is no longer working and sometimes it just takes the right support to help you implement small, sustainable changes for lasting results. Many of my clients have been successful in many areas of their life but can’t seem to get a handle on ‘this food thing.’ They are also worn out from:

  • Becoming an expert at dieting
  • Reading up on all the latest health and wellness trends
  • Knowing what they’re supposed to be doing but have been unaware of why they’re having a hard time sticking to it
  • The mental gymnastics of being consumed by the thought of food and constant self-sabotage
  • Feeling conflicted about wanting to lose weight, yet continuing to go into automatic pilot and eat foods they know they shouldn’t

Many times losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle are built around deprivation. But the moment deprivation creeps in is when we fall off track, which is part of the reason 95% of diets are unsuccessful*.

There are many internal and external factors driving various food choices that can lead to craving certain foods and it’s my mission to help you identify and conquer them. If you are ready to try something new, I will support you in a non-judgmental way toward results and together we will come up with the tools you need that will lead to sustainable and livable solutions that are right for you.

*Source: Statistics on Weight Discrimination: A Waste of Talent, The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination, Retrieved July 18, 2011, from (http://www.cswd.org/index.html)

What’s a Health Coach?

If you think about food constantly and don’t know why, you’ve come to the right place.

My Story

For over 16 years I struggled with my weight and always thought it was lack of self-control. Over 10 years ago I lost 60 pounds (27 kgs) and have kept it off since. I’m now here to help others on their journey.

Supporting You

If you’re sick of being in the same cycle of dieting and then falling off track, I’ll help you identify what’s keeping you stuck & will support you in making small, sustainable changes without deprivation.

“Laura is skilled at offering ideas and challenging you in a way that makes you want to step out and be the best version of yourself.  Working with Laura is well worth the investment!”

– Sara F., Vancouver, BC

Ready to become unstuck?

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