Healthy Relationship with Food Masterclass

Dive into what's really leading you to binge eat, so you can finally figure out this "food thing"...even though you already have so much information.

A 5-step process to improve your relationship with food

Discover the steps that will help you end comfort eating, clear up mental chatter around food, and feel more comfortable and confident in your body!
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Inside, you'll learn:

  • Reasons you haven’t found a sustainable solution yet to stop binge eating once and for all
  • The key things diets often miss that keep you in a cycle of being "good" then "bad" with your eating
  • Building the foundation of self-trust, so you confidently and effectively have a say in your food, health and life choices

  • AND

  • What's really happening when you’re stress eating, binge eating, mindlessly drinking, or generally eating out of alignment with you goals (Hint: it’s not that you’re lacking willpower!)
  • What “bad” eating is really about (no, it's not about the food!)
  • How SMART goals don’t work when it comes to shifting your relationship with food
  • This Masterclass is for you if you’re tired of dieting and are ready to get to the root of why you “fall off track" with your eating without needing to white knuckle your way through. Let’s dive in!

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  • 45-minutes of content
  • Led by a professional and certified coaching expert
  • Eye-opening information with actionable steps
  • Client Reviews

    After going through Truce with Food, I don’t eat impulsively anymore, my late-night snacking is totally under control, and I trust my body and my choices!

    Anita K.

    Overall, Laura has really helped me move forward and I have realized that I am stronger than I think. I recommend her for anyone struggling with weight or major life changes because you will identify things you never knew were holding you back!

    Tammy D.

    About your host

    Laura Folkes is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and certified Truce with Food facilitator.

    Over the years she has helped over 125 people transform their relationships with food by getting to the bottom of what leads to self-sabotage and falling off track. Throughout the process of transformation, they experience relief and freedom in many areas of their lives including their relationship with food, careers, those around them, and most importantly themselves.

    Truce with Food is a research-based, proven framework that helps people feel more in control of their eating. Inside this free masterclass, Laura reveals exactly how it all works.

    Not only has she successfully supported her clients, Laura has also been through her own journey to experience a Truce with Food and 60-pound weight loss. You'll learn more about her journey in the masterclass too.


    How do I create a better relationship with food?

    The first step is to get to the root cause of what’s driving your eating. Many diets focus on more tactics and behaviors to resist food, but those are ways to start new habits, which are very different from stopping “bad” habits. Improving your relationship with food is likely not a “food” or “you” problem. By figuring out what the actual issue is, then we can start to change and address it. You may be skeptical, which is totally understandable and welcome. Many clients start out the same way and at the end of our time together when food is no longer front and center, they are grateful they took the leap and trusted the process.

    Is it possible to fix an unhealthy relationship with food?

    Yes! Not only have I experienced a truce with food , but so have many of my clients. I promise it is possible, as long as you’re open to the process, are ready to go deep and be vulnerable, and aren’t afraid to explore what could be driving your eating that is likely beyond just a love of food.

    How does the Healthy Relationship with Food Masterclass work?

    The great part about the masterclass is you can watch it in your own time. Once you complete the short form on this page, you’ll receive an email with a link to watch the pre-recorded, 45-minute video. If you don’t see the email in your inbox shortly after signing up, make sure to check your junk folder. Then, grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes!

    What does the Healthy Relationship with Food Masterclass cost?

    Nothing! This masterclass is completely free of charge because there aren’t many other approaches like it. You’ll gain insight and understanding into why you are the way you are around food, and you shouldn’t have to pay to get that information. It’s my gift to you!
    Transform your relationship with food!

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