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01novAll Day30Early-Bird Holiday DealFeel satisfied from food and the holiday season!

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If you tend to find the holiday season stressful, I have something that will help make it a little more enjoyable this year.

When at a holiday meal and Aunt Jean makes a comment about what’s on your plate, imagine what it would be like if it didn’t affect you as much as it has in year’s past.

Or, what if you had a good understanding of why you go into a holiday meal with good intentions of eating one plate and a few bites of desserts, only to leave feeling like you’re going to bust out of your pants? There’s probably a reason you ate more than you wanted to that has nothing to do with willpower or discipline.

To help you understand what’s really happening and why you fall into these patterns I’m offering an early-bird holiday deal on, the “Behind Your Cravings” self-study course.

In addition to getting the five lessons and coaching exercises you can do in your own time, you’ll also receive a bonus of a 30-minute coaching call with me, all for just $87! You can use the call to come up with tools and strategies to help you through the holidays, bring more clarity or awareness to what takes you off track with your eating, or anything else on your mind.

The great part about this course is you don’t need to start a new plan this time of year, rely on willpower to get you through social gatherings, or miss out on your favorite foods. The goal is for you to be able to feel satisfied from the food and the holiday season!



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