A few of my favorite things from the Nourished Festival

I recently attended the Nourished Festival in Chicago, which featured a variety of products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-friendly.

While there were quite a few vendors, I wanted to share some products I sampled that you may enjoy!

Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sticks:

chomps grass-fed beef sticks

This snack has been a staple for me over the last year and a half because it’s easy to grab-and-go and is a source of protein. The best part is they don’t have any added nitrates or nitrites and contain fairly natural ingredients. At one point when I was sick of eggs, I was even eating one of these as a supplement to my breakfast. So delish!

Jovial Foods Brown Rice Pasta:

Jovial pasta products

This pasta is gluten free and made with two ingredients; brown rice and water. It was really tasty and didn’t seem to be gummy and sticky like some gluten free pasta can be. It comes in a lot of fun shapes that you can’t always find with gluten free pastas too, like lasagna noodles and manicotti!

Simplistic Treats:

Simplistic Treats chocolate truffles

These chocolate truffles are made out of simple, natural ingredients and don’t contain processed sugar. Instead they use dates to sweeten the truffles. They come in four flavors and are really tasty, especially if you enjoy dark chocolate.

Sogo Snacks:

Sogo grass-fed beef stick samples

While this is the second beef stick I’m featuring, these had a different flavor than the Chomps ones. These too are grass-fed and don’t have any added nitrates or nitrites. I love that Sogo Snacks is a family owned business from Iowa and they have a variety of delicious flavors. These are quickly becoming a favorite quick, easy, grab-and-go snack!

Wellness Found Organic Food:


Not everyone is a fan of sauerkraut and I used to dislike it too. However, I’ve been trying different brands and flavors and really enjoy the bitterness it provides as a snack or an addition to a meal. It’s amazing how adding a little bitterness can make a difference, especially with sweets cravings! This brand uses simple, organic ingredients and they don’t use vinegar (unlike many other brands) so it isn’t as tangy. Ever since I got my jar, I’ve had a fork full each day and I’m loving it! 

Whether you have gluten sensitivity, an allergy or are just looking for better-for-you products, there are so many options to choose from! This was a great opportunity to see all the new choices that are available. If you are looking to incorporate gluten-free or allergy-friendly foods into your daily life, I hope you enjoy some of these options as much as I do. It’s all about finding what works best for you!


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