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Ah! I Binge Ate and I Don’t Know Why

You kickstart your day with a quick and nourishing breakfast, navigate a hectic morning, and manage to squeeze in a healthy lunch. The workday whirls by, and as the clock strikes 5:00, you eat some cheese and crackers before diving into dinner prep. Post-dinner, you settle on the couch, intending to unwind. Yet, you find […]

A Holiday Meal That Turned Into Hives

I vividly remember one Thanksgiving when I was 8 years old. Two of my favorite foods were sitting on the appetizer table – pickles and shrimp. Because it was so long ago, I don’t remember how much of each I ate. I do know it was a lot because later that night when I was […]

How Perfectionism, People Pleasing, and Procrastination Influence Your Eating

Do you consider yourself to be a people pleaser, perfectionist and/or a procrastinator? These are common behaviors people use and associate with parts of their personalities. It may even feel like it’s who you are. However, these behaviors aren’t fixed, and you likely adapted them as a form of protection. When I say protection, I’m […]

Live Health Coaching Session On Lack of Consistency and Feeling Out of Control Around Food

In this health coaching session with Parvinder, we dive into the reasons we aren’t as consistent as we would like to be around our eating and exercise. We uncover how those habits are protective and why they make perfect sense.   Here’s an overview of what you’ll hear in the session: 0:28-4:02: Main challenge(s) with […]

When Lack of Willpower is a Symptom of Feeling Unsafe

When thinking about getting back “on track” with our eating or ending self-sabotage around food, traditionally we’ve had to resist the food and garner up enough willpower or discipline to make changes. What if the issue isn’t about the food and isn’t because of who you are around food? People often ask me how Truce […]

A Food Transformation Story

People often ask what the Truce with Food process is like and the types of results they can expect. Below is a case study of one client’s journey through the 6-month program. It was incredible to witness the transformation she experienced not only with food, but also with herself. If you’d like to explore how Truce with Food can […]

How to sustainably transform your relationship with food

Listen in as Laura sits down with Lowry Olafson to talk about the Truce with Food process and how your “bad” habits are actually a form of protection.

Overcoming Overeating: Are you deprived or depleted?

Have you ever been to a party, zone in on the dessert table and start thinking about which ones you’re going to sample? You want to stay “in control” of what you eat because you don’t want to overindulge too much, but you also don’t want to feel deprived or depleted. The second you think […]

Prolonged Periods of Stress: Why you “don’t care” what you eat & tips to cope

In the past there have always been stressful periods in life. However, over the last two years, collectively we have been experiencing prolonged periods of stress and uncertainty. When there is a lot of uncertainty (pssst, 2 years of a global pandemic, among many other stressors outside of our control), it can be a trigger […]

Interview: Food Freedom & Diet Culture

Laura sat down with Jillian from the Frontcourt Female Podcast where they talked about food freedom and diet culture. Imagine what a world without diet culture would look like! Why are diets unsustainable? They cover all of this and more. This is a portion of their conversation. The full interview can be found here. Jillian: […]

Is “fat” really a feeling?

Have you ever uttered the words, “I feel fat!”? That statement used to enter my mind on the daily, even after I had lost 60-pounds and was maintaining my weight. I still remember the first time I had the conversation with my health coach when she said, “Laura, fat is not a feeling!” I felt […]

What’s Behind ‘I Need to Lose Weight’ ASAP

Do you ever have days where you look in the mirror and feel good about what you see? You feel confident and comfortable with your body. On the flip side, do you have days where you feel “fat” and start thinking about needing to lose weight ASAP? That rollercoaster used to happen for me frequently. […]

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