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A New Perspective on “Dieting”

Many people spend years trying the latest fad diet with hopes of finding the “magic pill” that will help put an end to their quest for weight loss. The issue with these diets is that while they work from some, everybody is different and there isn’t one approach that works for everyone. To support this, an article was recently published on about research that is currently being conducted in Israel.

Below is an overview of the article but it’s also definitely worth a read:

  • Researchers are in the process of monitoring 1,000 people to see exactly how their bodies react to food.
  • The study is finding that what may be considered a “good” food for one person may be another person’s “bad” food.
  • The research is confirming there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to weight loss and is looking at gut microbes and the body’s blood sugar response to determine the level of individual variation.
  • Because we can change our gut microbes, if a favorite food is determined to be “bad” for blood sugar levels, this can be adjusted over time by changing the gut bacteria composition.


I love this new perspective from what has been considered the “norm” in the diet world. As a Certified Health Coach it is also exciting because the personalization is what health coaching is all about. We work with clients on an individual basis to identify what is working well in their lives, and for their bodies, in order to get the best results.


You can find the full article here:

Laura B. FolkesA New Perspective on “Dieting”
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