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Healing Your Relationship with Food: The Female Wellness Hub
Learn how I lost 60 lbs. working through my emotional relationship with food, my mission to help others get to the bottom of their self-sabotaging patterns, and why your mindset is more important than any “diet”.
1 February 2021

How do I Fuel My Game in a Healthy Way?: The Frontcourt Female Podcast
This two part interview covers diet culture, why we self-sabotage, emotional eating, intuitive eating, feeling out of control/out of choice, why we think about food so much and a whole lot more.
28 January 2021

What’s Underneath “I need to diet”: Insatiable Podcast
In this interview I share my journey of losing 60 pounds but still feeling trapped in the fear of gaining the weight back, how adding in a food group was life-changing, and what I discovered was really happening underneath "feeling fat."
28 January 2021

Emotional Eating and the Things We do to Sabotage Us: Discover Health Podcast
Learn about emotional eating and the things we do that sabotage ourselves. I also share my weight loss journey, what inspired me to be healthy, and how I am now leading others to a healthier version of themselves. 
25 February 2019

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