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Laura’s Approach to Transforming Client’s Relationship with Food

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Smita from Simply Smita, a natural skincare brand, to share about my approach and how I work with my clients. I’m passionate about transforming my client’s relationship with food and in this interview I share more about why and how.

We cover A LOT in this interview so hopefully you’ll learn something new. Below is an overview of what we cover and when in the video:

  • What is a Health Coach (0:42)
  • Different areas coaches focus on (1:02 – 1:28)
  • What Laura focuses on in her work (1:40)
  • Laura’s approach to coaching (2:05)
  • What her approach is not about! (2:40)
  • An eye-opening saying that Laura goes by (3:54)
  • How her clients see results beyond food (4:11)
  • What you can expect in your first meeting (4:39)
  • What inspired Laura and her personal story (5:51)
  • Laura’s lightbulb moment (6:11)
  • Laura’s personal struggle with food, why she sought out her own health coach, and what shaped her approach (6:55)
  • Why tips and tricks aren’t the solution (7:47)
  • What draws me to Laura’s approach (8:24)
  • What her clients love about her (8:46)
  • Laura shares her client’s success story and how discovering the root cause led her client to make impactful life changes (9:31 – 11:47)
  • How her client’s binge eating improved (12:14)
  • Where to find Laura (12:54)

You can watch the interview or read our conversation using the transcript below.

Photograph by Angela Garbot Photography

Laura B. FolkesLaura’s Approach to Transforming Client’s Relationship with Food
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